Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ice creams and cookieessss

Want to try/have/eat:
*All pictures were yanked off the sites/blogs. I have provided links. So you know... they're not mine and stuff. Duh.

Chewy Salted Hazelnut cookies

And someone else made freaking Nutella Lava Chocolate Cookies. Apparently, they're ooooozeygooey in the middle.

Bi-Rite Creamery has these crazy ice cream flavors, like Earl grey, Cinnamon and snickerdoodles, Roasted banana, Salted caramel, Ginger, Strawberry balsamic, Honey lavender... How are you not intrigued?

I also want to go to Paulette, which does macarons... Caribbean chocolate, Sweet wedding almond, Earl grey tea, Colombian coffee, Rose, Passionfruit..

So now I'm all:
omggggggahhhhh O_O.

This behavior is probably unhealthy.
But I don't want to stop.

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