Thursday, January 27, 2011

Flyyy me to the moon... and my favorite versions of other old songs.

I've listed five songs in total and tried to focus on favorites that present the song in a way that is unlike most other renditions. They aren't necessarily the only worthwhile versions... but they're pretty fantastic.

Fly me to the moon - Tony Bennett.
I've always felt that this song belongs as a ballad. It's just that it always seemed kinda sad.

Cant take my eyes off of you - Muse
This particular live performance. The CD version's good. This is better.

Sway - Anita Kelsey (From Dark City's soundtrack)
This version feels kinda darker and a little unnerving as it beckons.

Over the rainbow - Taylor Matthews
The arrangement's really cool. This is the only full version I could find unfortunately, and you cant see how dorky, southern and cute he is.

Haha, okay so Liz called me out on it and I admit this next one's kind of a cheat.
"Singing in the rain", the original Gene Kelly performance is pretty much unbeatable.
So, I will call this my favorite old/new mashup.
Singing in the rain / Umbrella mashup - Gwyneth Paltrow and Glee
Eeeeee I love the dancing. And Harry Shum, Jr. :D

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